Shenlab's unofficial (but most updated) website

Shen Lab@Mount Sinai

Our lab is located on the Mount Sinai campus in the New York City. We are on the Madison Avenue that is only one block away from the central park. Our lab is about bioinformatics and currently there are two focuses:

  1. Large-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis
  2. Novel software development for NGS analytics

This is our webpage on Github. For our official webpages (yes, there are two), please visit Mount Sinai Profile and Neuroscience Department Website.


We are actively looking for a postdoc in bioinformatics with emphasis on NGS analysis and software. Interested? Send your CV to

Li Shen, Principal Investigator, @shenlab-sinai, @lishen

Ningyi Shao, postdoc, @ny-shao

Immanuel Purushothaman, bioinformatician, @ipurusho

Past Members

Ying Jin, postdoc ==> scientist@Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Xiaochuan Liu, postdoc ==> postdoc@Rutgers University

Software Projects

These are the software we are currently working on:

We have participated in:

STAR genome browser: An Integrated Solution to Management and Visualization of Sequencing Data. STAR website

Publications (See citations on Google Scholar)


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